A Photographic Tribute to the Beauty of the High Arctic

Frozen Latitudes is my photographic tribute to the High Arctic covering some of the remotest places of Greenland and Franz Josef Land which are currently undergoing a fundamental change by becoming un-frozen. Order the fine art photo book with moving stories and scientific background information in English and German at the special reader's discount.


The Frozen Latitudes Expedition

I just returned from the Frozen Latitudes expedition to Spitsbergen which was an incredible early winter experience on the sailing boat Noorderlicht into the land of the low light. Read about Longyearbyen, huge glaciers, the Russian ghost town Pyramiden and enjoy magical photographic impressions.

Interview with Mia Bennett of Cryopolitics

It was a pleasure to talk to Mia Bennett running the renown blog Cryopolitics about Frozen Latitudes, my motivation for the book and the brillant combination of fine art photography with the scientific aspects of the climate changes affecting the Cryosphere. Enjoy reading!

Unwrapping of Frozen Latitudes

Read about the unwrapping of an unusual fine art photo book at an unusual place. I spotted the letters Seltmann Printart from the grass roof of my shed and knew it was the delivery of the first copies of Frozen Latitudes.

Frozen Latitudes become real

Print production of the fine art photo book has started at Seltmann Printart. Read about the offset print process with the Heidelberg Speedmaster and watch the making of Frozen Latitudes video.

Witnessing the mystical Aurora Borealis in the High Arctic

If there is one experience that blows my mind every time when travelling into the Arctic night, it is the the colorful Aurora Borealis in the Night Sky.

My touching experiences when visting the remotest community in the world

One winter I traveled to the remotest settlement of the world. Read more about my touching experience from a small Inuit community in the High Arctic.

The spiritual dimension of the Frozen Latitudes

I have been traveling to the Arctic since decades. Nature is so close and so vast. In this amazing silence, I often think about gratitude and spiritual insights. What is a man in the wilderness of the Arctic?

How global warming threatens Arctic Wild Life

Have you seen the huge polar bear tracks crossing your path, how Musk Oxen survive the harsh winter conditions or that Arctic hares eat their excrements to survive the Arctic winter?

My first Arctic expedition was one of the best investments of my life

Since 30 years, I travel into the High Arctic. It would be an understatement if I'd say that this time has influenced my life, mind and Soul. Here is, how it all started.

Podcast with Elisabeth Nussbaumer (in German)

Elisabeth is discussing with me my polar experiences and about the motivation to expose oneself to the coldness and remoteness of the Arctic. Listen to the interesting result. Danke Elisabeth!

First Central European Polar Meeting (in German)

The CEPM2015 offered a variety of interesting topics and how polar regions are tightly interlinked with the rest of the world. Have an interesting read in my German photoblog.