A Photographic Tribute to the Beauty of the High Arctic



… the passion for The Cold.


… a photographic tribute to the High Arctic


… some of the remotest places of Greenland and Franz Josef Land


… places which are currently undergoing a fundamental change by becoming un-frozen.
Take a look at the fine art photo book with moving stories and scientific background about the Cryosphere in English and German. Read the passionate Frozen Latitudes Essays.

Frozen Latitudes Events

Montag, 28. Oktober 2019, 19:00

Die extraterrestrischen Landschaften von Liverpool Land

Winter Expedition mit Inuit, Hundeschlitten und auf Skiern nach Nordostgrönland

Österreichischer Alpenverein, Sektion Austria

Rotenturmstraße 14, 1010 Wien

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Donnerstag 7. November 2019, 19:30 Uhr

Wartenberg, Alte Schule, Nikolaibergstraße, Deutschland (Bayern)

FROZEN LATITUDES – Expeditionen in die Hohe Arktis

Grönland, Franz Josef Land

Christoph Ruhsam ist ehrenamtlicher Schriftführer der österreichischen Gesellschaft für Polarforschung und passionierter Landschaftsfotograf. Er hat seit mehr als 30 Jahren Expeditionen in die Hohe Arktis unternommen. In seinem multimedialen Vortrag berichtet er über die Querung der Halbinsel Nuugssuaq in Westgrönland, eine Winterexpedition mit den Inuit Nordostgrönlands auf Skiern und Hundeschlitten und eine Schiffsexpedition nach Franz Josef Land in der russischen Hocharktis. Die unermesslichen Gletscherwelten und der Arktische Ozean sind fundamentalen Änderungen unter dem Einfluss des Klimawandels unterworfen, was anhand aktueller wissenschaftlicher Daten dargestellt wird. Ein packender Abend über sein Buch FROZEN LATITUDES als fotografische Hymne auf die Schönheit der Hohen Arktis.

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Frozen Latitudes Essays

Fundamental Change

A number of scientists who have actually been working with sea ice measurement had predicted some years ago that the retreat of Arctic summer sea ice would accelerate as it is part of a fundamental change. The same applies to the land ice masses like the Greenlandic ice sheet.


Unwrapping Frozen Latitudes

Sitting on a Grass Roof Enjoying a Wienerwald Spring morning on the grass roof of our shed   I could see a parcel delivery van turning into our side road and stopping in front of our house. On the parcel I spotted the letters “Seltmann PrintArt” and knew it was the delivery of the first…


Frozen Latitudes become real

Printing Frozen Latitudes Here in Lüdenscheid, Germany, the fine arts print company Seltmann Printart has started today with the print production of Frozen Latitudes. I’m here to sign-off the individual print sheets and fine tune the color settings. We are printing on a Heidelberg Speedmaster printer which is filling a whole hall of the print…


The mystical Aurora Borealis

Since 30 years I travel to the High Arctic. If there is one thing that blows my mind every time and is like a dream come true, it must be witnessing the colorful Aurora Borealis in the Night Sky. The cold Arctic air allows us to witness colors of an incredible intensity. On each of…


Hello, I’m Christoph.

CONTACT ME I live in beautiful Austria and I call myself lucky being surrounded by abundant nature and mountains. My eagerness longs for more pristine landscapes, though – travelling into the High Arctic is my passion. My enthusiasm for the cryosphere dates back to my childhood. At the age of seven I went up the…


Global warming impacts Arctic Wild Life

Since decades (around 30 years), I travel to the High Arctic. Unlike the stay-at-home-theorists, I experienced this vast environment first hand for many times. Here is what I saw regarding the global warming effects. And sometimes, it breaks my heart to see the beauty fade. We often traveled across the High Arctic by foot. During…