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The helicopter circled above ground to find a possible landing place. In a bay the pilot found a gentle hill and prepared for landing. Under the noise of the rotor blades, our expedition gears were unloaded. Then the helicopter took off and turned to the north: we were left to our own devices, abandoned in the FROZEN LATITUDES of the Arctic wilderness. Now there was no turning back.



Der Helikopter zog eine Schleife, um eine mögliche Landestelle zu sichten. In einer Bucht fand der Pilot einen sanften Hügel und setzte zur Landung an. Unter dem Lärm der Rotoren wurde unser Expeditionsgepäck ausgeladen. Dann hob der Helikopter ab und zog weiter Richtung Norden: Wir waren abgesetzt, ausgesetzt in den FROZEN LATITUDES der arktischen Wildnis. Jetzt gab es kein Zurück mehr.

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The Inuit Sun-Whipper

First-hand expedition stories from the northernmost edge of the inhabitable world and beyond

Liverpool Land, Northeast Greenland

The High Arctic becoming un-frozen due to global warming

Collapsing Ice-Front of Wahlenbergbreen, Spitsbergen

Take a look at the fine art photo book in English and German with its stunning panoramic photos, moving stories and the scientific facts about the warming Cryosphere from the Austrian Polar Research Institute.

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Announcement for 2023

We are planning a sailing and trekking expedition into the Frozen Latitudes of Northeast Greenland in September 2023. If you are interested in participating the individually organized expedition contact me.

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Photo by Marco Nescher, 2018     Have you heard about Sortebrae-friendships? Can glaciers of cold and frozen matter create friendships? Just search on the Internet for “Sortebrae” and you will come across a few hits, mainly references to scientific papers on the ice dynamics of this large East Greenland outlet glacier at 69° northern…


Frozen Latitudes: Vom fotografischen Herzensprojekt zum eigenen Bildband

Sandra Petrowitz berichtet über die Entstehungsgeschichte, Hintergründe und Erfahrungen des Buchprojektes FROZEN LATITUDES im fotoespresso 3/20. Freier Download unter! »Manchmal musst ein Wagnis eingehen«, sagt Ruhsam. »Sonst liegst halt im Bett und stirbst. Auch fad.« Vom Foto zum Fine Art Print, von Reiseeindrücken zum Fotobuch: Viele Fotografen möchten ihre Bilder nicht nur am Bildschirm…


Fundamental Change

A number of scientists who have actually been working with sea ice measurement had predicted some years ago that the retreat of Arctic summer sea ice would accelerate as it is part of a fundamental change. The same applies to the land ice masses like the Greenlandic ice sheet.